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Exclusive Social Media Monthly Consulting PKG.

Help with Instagram Account Management
Help with Facebook Page Management
Help with Facebook Event Management
Help with List Building Integration.
Help with Facebook Paid Ads. Management.
Help with Instagram Paid Ads. Management.
Help with Event Launch
Help with EventBrite Management.
Help with EventBrite Paid Ads. Management.
Help with Integrating EventBrite and MailChimp
Help with NextDoor Event Management
Help with NextDoor Ads Management
Reputation Management.
Help with Marketing.
Help w/ Graphic Design flyers for event Marketing. 
Help with Graphic Design posts for social media.
Help with Graphic Design image posts for social media.
Todays Special :
  $5000/Month + $5000 (One time Set-up)

Additional Requirements:

Below are additional investment and requirements not included in todays order.

Minimum Paid Ads Budget of $5,000/Month is Required.
Communication / text Messaging Credits - Re-up.
You will be required to provide content such as videos, photos, interviews, drops and teasers.
As email database grows, your MailChip account will require upgrade investment package.

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